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Can you retract a bid on ebay

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; eBay Best Offers are binding agreements, so your
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Bid in an eBay auction then changed your mind? Don't panic! You may be able to retract your offerAny bid retraction can trigger an investigation by eBay or a complaint by the seller

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    EBay will cancel and remove your bid from the auction
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    See Bidding on eBay to find out moreAre You Eligible for an eBay Refund? You are not automatically eligible for a refund if you decide you simply don’t like the product you bought
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    Time restrictions for retracting a bid What you do is: 1) Go to help which is in th top right hand corner 2) Scroll down to 'top questions' and click on the one that says 'can I retract or cancel my bid' 3) Click on 'bid retractionIt will show up as part of your profile, and if you do it more than once or twice they may suspend your accountWhen comfirming a Best Offer, I noticed at the bottom of the window it says "Change your mind? You can retract your bid